Big trouble in small North Korea

As we speak, North Korea is experiencing a gas shortage and long lines at the pump. According to reports, Bejing is tightening their enforcement of international sanctions against North Korea, pressuring them to set their nuclear program at rest.

The reports added that car users in Pyongyang are lining up to fill their tanks as gas stations are starting to limit services and closing amid concerns of spreading shortage.

A sign had apparently been set outside one gas station in the North Korean capital on Friday, saying that sales were being restricted only to diplomats or vehicles used by international organizations, while others were closed or turning away the local residents. The usual prices have also spiked up significantly.

The cause behind the restriction and how long they are going to list is currently unknown, but it is known for a fact that North Korea relies heavily on China for its fuel supply, and Beijing has been tightening their enforcement according to reports, in order to prevent North Korea from continuing with their show of force as well as testing their nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

This issue has been brought up at a regular Chinese Foreign Ministry news conference in Beijing this Friday, after Global Times, a Chinese media outlet reported gas stations were restricting service and charging higher prices than usual.


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