CNN terminates their agreement with Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin destroyed her own career with the bloody photo session in which she posed with President Trump’e head. Americans were shocked to see the terrible photo, and everyone condemned the comedian.

The President said that Griffin should be ashamed of herself, explaining that his children are having hard times with the scandal. Let’s not forget that Barron is only 11, and the sick photo of his father’s blood head will haunt him for the rest of his life. sources close to the Trumps said that the child first thought that something bad happened to his dad.

First Lady Melania decided to call out Griffin, and her tweet was the most honest thing we have ever seen. The First Lady talked did the same thing every caring mother and wife would do. she defended her family, and wondered about the mental health of Kathy Griffin. Well, that’s a nice question to discuss about.

Now everyone is talking how Griffin put an end to her own career, and her shows are cancelled. Can you imagine that even CNN terminated their agreement with the comedian? She will no longer appear on their New Year’s Eve Program. Well, the network finally did something positive, and Griffin deserved this treatment.

CNN isn’t the only network to cancel Griffin’s show. Her summer events are cancelled, and Griffin will soon have no job. that’s the consequences she has to deal with after her disgusting photo session.

Griffin is already regretting her decision to pose with the President’s bloody head. Only God knows what goes in her head right now. We can only wait to see the further development of events, and Griffin shouldn’t dream of a happy ending.

What do you think about this photo?

Do you think Kathy Griffin should be charged for her actions?

How will the whole thing end?

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