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Devastating report reveals the insane amount of crime committed by illegals

Fox News Tucker Carlson is know much more for his piercing words than crunching numbers, but on a recent installment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he unveiled some numbers that every American needs to be aware of:


Relying on data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Carlson reported that the illegal alien population in the United States — about 7 percent of the general population — accounts for a shocking percentage of criminal activity committed in the country.

“Non-citizens account for 22 percent, more than a fifth of all federal murder convictions,” Carlson said.

Non-citizens account for 18 percent of fraud convictions and 33 percent of money laundering convictions, he said.

But the disturbing statistics don’t stop there.

Non-American residents make up 29 percent of drug trafficking convictions and an astounding 72 percent of convictions for drug possession.

“Meanwhile, the non-citizen percentage of the American people? About 7 percent,” Carlson explained.

Check it out here:


According to Fox News Insider, Carlson was joined by conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn to discuss the report, which found that 21 percent of the federal prison population are illegal immigrants.

That’s 37,557 illegal immigrants who are in federal prisons around the country.

According to USA Today, there were 11.3 million illegal immigrants living in the United States in 2016.

But that number has slowed down thanks to President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy.

Trump’s controversial border wall between the United States and Mexico could solve the issue of illegal immigrants entering the United States to commit crimes. reported that President Trump has already made the southern border harder to cross than ever before.

In fact, illegal immigration is down 24 percent in 2017 compared to 2016.

With another three years left in his presidency, Americans can only expect Trump to take even greater strides to keep Americans safe from criminal aliens.

As Carlson’s numbers showed, the country needs it.

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