The first family spends quality time in Florida

The Trump family decided to spend this wonderful holiday on their resort at Mar-a-Lago, and enjoy the sunny Florida. Like every normal human being, that wants the best for his family, President Trump decided to make the Easter holidays very special to them.

As we reported yesterday, The President got on board Air Force One at the Joint Base Andrews back in Maryland, outside Washington D.D on Thursday, before he went to Palm Beach for the Good Friday holiday as well as the Easter weekend.

Just moments later, the other members of the First Family, Melania, Don Jr, Eric and Barron, joined him at the airport on a separate Air Force plane.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump and her beloved husband Jared Kushner together with their kids were celebrating the Jewish Passover holiday at Four Seasons Whistler in Canada.

As the First Family landed in Florida, tons of supporters welcomed them with love, greetings and support for the Trump family.

They also visited the Church where the first couple married back in 2005, Church of Bethesda by-the-sea.

This trip to Florida is most likely with a purpose to bring the family back together, and relax for the Easter holiday. After receiving tons of attacks on a daily base, they very well deserve this vacation.

Even though the First Family is criticized for “too much trips” to Florida, I think we can all agree that they are working so hard in office, and they deserve to take a break. Hope they will come back relaxed and with a fresh mindset to achieve new goals.

What do you think about this wonderful event?


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