Huma Abedin To Reveal Everything In Her Upcoming Book

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the alienated wife of discredited former Congressman Anthony Weiner and ex staffer of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, over the past weeks has been meeting literary agents to talk about her writing a book.

The 40-year-old Abedin wants $2 million for the book. It will describe her husband’s sexting scandal and her position in Clinton’s failed presidential attempt, according to the report.

Apparently Hillary Clinton has approved her to write this book.

According to Hollywood Reporter, “The tome is envisioned as a reflection on how her personal and professional lives collided during the campaign.”

Other than being in the spotlight, Abedin almost never gives interviews to media.

Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University presidential historian told the network, “She’s more interesting than her husband. We know who he is. She’s the ongoing mystery. But she’ll have to put herself out there. That’s what the publisher will be looking for.”


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