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Iran says “Merry Christmas,” then Netanyahu reminds them what they do to Christians

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week absolutely roasted the radical mullahs of Iran for hypocritically wishing Christians a “Merry Christmas.” After all the atrocities committed by this tyrant regime, it’s easy to understand why.


On Dec. 23, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif quoted a verse from the Quran in posting Christmas greetings:

However, not everyone was happy about the tweet, including Netanyahu.

He starts off the video by saying, “Get a load of this,” and then talks about the tweet by Iran’s Foreign Minister.


Netanyahu continued, “I wonder what the Christians jailed this month in Iran would think about that tweet. I wonder what Iranian youth would think about that tweet, but sadly, the regime bans Twitter. Except, of course, if you’re a high-ranking official.”


He then continued to talk about what life in Iran is like for Christians.

“Now, imagine you’re praying quietly in your home, surrounded by your family, and all of a sudden, armed thugs break in, and drag you away to prison. They torture you merely for practicing your Christian faith,” he said, “Welcome to Iran.”

Netanyahu then said that saying “Merry Christmas” while putting Christians in prison is the height of hypocrisy.

He’s absolutely right.

According to Article 18, an organization that advocates on behalf of persecuted Christians in Iran, six private homes that served as Christian churches have recently been raided. “Milad Goudarzi, Amin Khaki, Alireza Nour-Mohammadi and Shehabuddin Shahi were all arrested by security forces on Tuesday, December 12, in Karaj,” the organization reports.

Two of the shops owned by the detainees were also raided and a laptop and Bible were also confiscated.

So, when Netanyahu goes after Iran, they aren’t just baseless claims. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.

After this response, I’d really be surprised if Iran wished anyone a “Merry Christmas” again next year.

How do you feel about Iran wishing a “Merry Christmas”?