Ivanka Trump leaves everyone without a breath with the plans on women empowerment!

Lately, The White House has been very busy, but who doesn’t like seeing the daughter of the President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, working and trying to make a difference.

On Monday, she attended a meeting on which took everyone’s breath away in the White House.

President’s daughter was in a meeting along with female business leaders. On that meeting also attended The President Trump and a Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

USA and Canada have been working together on their collaboration since Trump became the president and they have formed the USA-Canada Council for the Advancement of Women Business Leaders Female Entrepreneurs.

The President’s daughter, Ivanka, was wearing an elegant and soft black dress that astonished everyone in the meeting. She was also wearing earrings that caught attention to everyone.

The meeting finished well and after that Ivanka had plenty to say about the plans and the goals.

Ivanka said:

“I’m honored to be here and really looking forward to hearing from each of you,”

“As we think about the unique challenges that entrepreneurs, women in the workforce, female small business owners are confronted with each and every day, and as we think [about] how we level the playing field for this generation and for the next.”

Ivanka Trump is a pretty smart and very talented First Child who will make a difference. What are your opinions about her?

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