Lauer’s attempt to ambush Robert Kraft about Trump was demolished!

The host of the show “Today” Lauer, tried to ambush Robert Kraft about Trump, but it was not successful.

When the Super Bowl finished, while New England Patriots were celebrating a new victory, things became a little political.

It’s a tradition for the winners Super Bowl to gather in the White house and meet the President, so they can be congratulated by the first family.

This year, with Donald Trump as president, this was a problem for some players of the New England Patriots’ team. They refused to go to visit the White house.

The owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, explained all that in “Today”. He is a very close friend of the President and he put up with host Matt Lauer, who was saying that the situation must be hard on him, because the players don’t like the president and he is the owner of the team.

“Your relationship with Donald Trump, I should mention, goes back a while,” Lauer said. “Has your relationship with Donald Trump in any way strained your relationship with some of your players, who by the way, some say they don’t want to go to the White House to celebrate this win?”

Even though the host Lauer tried to make the owner of the team, Robert Kraft, feel bad, Kraft did not let that happen and confronted him immediately.

“Every time we’ve had the privilege of going to the White House, a dozen of our players don’t go,” Kraft said. “This is the first time it’s gotten any media attention.”

Kraft was speaking softly and steadily, presenting him to be heard and noticed. Despite all the insults he got from the host of the “Today” show, he never looked like he is guilty or has something to worry, and that’s what makes him a strong man as he is.

What do you think about the attitude of Robert Kraft?

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