Melania Trump cornered in New York city by another wave liberal protesters

The liberal viciousness knows no limits. The liberal elite and their footsoldiers, the liberal hordes, crossed the line once again. These people stubbornly want to bring the Western European “atmosphere” in the USA.

You already know what happened during the G20 conference. Those proxy protests and violent demonstration of “anger and frustration” are so FAKE. George Soros and his buddies use the same “matrix” and they apply the same methods in their “rebellious renaissance” for the global government.

Melania Trump was victim back then and she still is a victim of the vicious, mean and violent demonstrations with no real purpose.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump are visiting France on the 14th of July. France celebrates their independence day and in order to improve the bilateral relations between the USA and France, the leaders of the two countries will celebrate the 14th of July together.

Because of the preparations for this very important trip, Melania Trump visited NYC. She was immediately surrounded by radical liberals who cornered her in her apartment.

The violent liberal hordes started destroying the public property and they started getting violent. The words they used to insult the FLOTUS are disgusting. However, the security services and the NYPD (because of their experience) reacted quickly this time preventing chaos.

The leftists protested after Donald Trump Jr. published his emails and ended the mystery. The leftists wanted to distract the nation with this idiotic protest and continue their rhetoric of false and ridiculous accusations against President Trump of alleged Russian connection without having a single piece of evidence,

Donald Trump Jr. proved his innocence with his emails and he also proved his father innocence and cleaned his name once again.

However, Melania and Barron Trump were “imprisoned”, are imprisoned and, as it looks, will be imprisoned in the claws of the violent liberal hordes.

IT’S COMING TO AMERICA! That’s all I am going to say. The liberal hordes will storm the huge “sanctuary” cities. Anti-Trump hordes will get paid just as the ones who were getting paid all along since Trump got elected in November 2016.

We have to stop them! We don’t need proxy demonstrations with false claims and demands.

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