The new Democrat National Committee Chairman seals the destiny of all Democrats

The President, Donald Trump, was eager for his speech for the Conservative Political Action Conference, in Maryland. However, there was something else that took everyone’s attention.  The race for the Democrat National Committee Chairman in Atlanta, put people in a curious situation. The outcome from all that will leave a mark on the Democratic party.

More for this from Allen B. West. He definitely knows how to pick the right words and to describe the situation.

“Let’s be honest, when the left is in power, they don’t give a damn what constitutional conservatives think…and anyway, we don’t “feel” as a primary motive,” West said. “The left, i.e. Obama, told his political opposition that they won, and rammed their agenda down America’s throat. And after eight years, that agenda was repudiated and rejected, which REALLY angered the left who feels that anyone not agreeing with their vision is stupid, ignorant, racist, sexist, and suffering from multiple phobias.”

“And oddly enough, even after losing, based on policy failure, the left continues to feel the same way,” he added. “Well, good luck with that. My advice to the House and Senate GOP is, borrowing from the Nike maxim, “Just Do It.” If for one single minute you believe you’re going to appease and make the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, or any other leftist media outlet happy and like you, well, you’ve been smoking crack.”

“Now is not the time to be concerned with what that minority of coastal elitists feel; do what’s right by America, and restore a pro-economic growth and pro-national security agenda by way of constitutional conservative principles and values,” West continued. “Oh yeah Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady, a Border Adjustment Tax just isn’t consistent with those values…I shared a missive about that earlier.”

What do you think about Allen’s opinion?

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