Oswalt Patton trolled Fox backstage reporter at Grammys

Patton Oswalt after winning the best comedy album for Talking for Clapping didn’t hold his political feelings, especially when a representative for the Fox network was talking.

He was licking his lips when he was asked a question by Fox backstage reporter, and joyfully went talking for the favorite network for the President Donald Trump.

“What’s Trump up to? Is he sleeping? Is he getting enough protein?” Oswalt said, before comparing Fox to the dark world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s hell-like Mordor. “How are things in Mordor? What’s going on there? Any more rings getting forged? You guys must be very upset now that Gollum escaped.”

Oswalt said

After that the fox backstage reporter just laughed about the encounter before to ask the role in the politically charged times.

“Just look around you. Especially with what’s going on SNL and with social media right now,” said Oswalt, adding that comedy releases the pressure “of people saying, ‘We all agree this is nuts right?'”

The comedian said that in societies where the criticism of comics is not allowed, just like Soviet era in 1960 s, “people were slowly going insane because you were not allowed to say that this isn’t normal, that this is warped.”

Patton said that he will continue to make his voice heard in the administration of the President Donald Trump.

“I’m going to try to be goofy and funny,  but right now, reality is lapping us in terms of goofiness and funniest. We’re living in a first draft of a Monty Python sketch,” said Oswalt. “What comedians do is valuable, especially as we seem to be steered by humorless people. So that makes it all the more funny to do comedy at humorless people, if that makes sense.”

Patton Oswalt ignored the expressed belief that USA is rejecting Hollywood with the support for Trump.

“People always talk about middle America pushing back against Hollywood. But middle America voted a reality-show TV host as president,” Oswalt said. “They voted Hollywood into the White House twice, (Ronald) Reagan and Trump. So it seems like they are pushing back against Hollywood and tripping Hollywood into positions of power. It’s a little weird.”

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