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Rev. Graham smashes Rosie, gives her bad news about who’s really going to hell

The Rev. Franklin Graham has built a legacy on teaching lessons in morality and following God’s word through real-life experiences, and his response to a vile message from Hollywood actress Rosie O’Donnell is very telling.


As reported by CNS News, O’Donnell sent out a tweet on Christmas morning telling Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that he “screwed up our nation,” adding that he “will go straight to hell u screwed up fake altar boy.”

The liberal comedian’s tweet was in response to Shannon Watts, the founder of progressive gun control group Moms Demand, who tweeted at Ryan on Christmas Eve to tell him that Jesus was a “brown-skinned Middle Eastern undocumented immigrant.”

Watts’ vile message was in response to a tweet from Ryan on Dec. 23, where the Wisconsin Republican wrote: “At the end of each year, no matter how short — or long — it may feel, there is always Christmas. Waiting for us is that sense of wonder the shepherds felt when the angels appeared in the night sky to herald the birth of a Savior.”

On Dec. 26, Graham posted a message on his Facebook page in response to O’Donnell telling Ryan he was going to hell. Graham wrote that O’Donnell does not “hold the keys to hell” and that “Hell is going to be filled with people who rejected God’s offer of salvation.”


“Rosie, you don’t have the keys to hell, but I know the One who does,” he wrote. “And I can tell you who will be there. Hell is going to be filled with people who rejected God’s offer of salvation and turned their backs on His laws and standards, refusing to repent.

“Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and He took your sins and mine to the Cross, dying in our place, so that we might live — if we would turn from our sins and put our faith in Him,” he added. “I hope one day you will put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and let him heal your heart, clean up your mouth, and forgive your sins. Do that today—you’ll never regret it.”

Check out Graham’s Facebook post below:

Rosie O’Donnell is back in the news today for going after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Twitter after he posted a…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

O’Donnell, a left-wing lunatic who has threatened many conservatives on social media, also made headlines before Christmas when she tried to bribe two members of Congress — Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Susan Collins, R-Maine — on Twitter to oppose the GOP tax cut, which passed in Congress and was signed into law by President Donald Trump.

But Graham’s remarks are important because, rather than denigrate O’Donnell, he gave her advice she could really use.

Nonetheless, it won’t take long for O’Donnell’s head to explode after Graham’s post put her in her place.

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