Sean Hannity talks about leaving Fox

People speculated that Sean Hannity will be leaving Fox News after his close friend Bill Shine quit. Mediaite rumored by considering his contract which includes a “key man clause” that allows him to departure from the network if a particular person leaves it.

The Daily Beast added a report that hinted that some industry “insiders” were
aware of his plans to leave the network, even suggesting that he would be out of Fox News by the end of the week.

So, Sean Hannity is now responding, and much to the distress of leftists cheering at the disorder at the network, it seems like Hannity is standing steady.

According to The Blaze, on Monday, Sean Hannity tweeted to contradict rumors that he was about to leave his hosting duties at Fox News for greener pastures.

Rumors increased after he seemed angry over a report that his ex producer and Fox News co-president Bill Shine was going to be dismissed. In the end, the report turned out to be right, as Fox News announced Shine’s sudden exit on Monday.

Hannity took to Twitter to respond on previous reports that Bill Shine was being dismissed by saying that if it were true, it would be the “total end” of the network. Here is what he commented on the reports.

The link will take you to a Independent Journal Review’s article, which quotes another source alleging the opposite of the Daily Beast reports, that Hannity is “not negotiating” a departure from the network. Moreover, it includes a short statement from Fox News which says that any rumor of Hannity’s departure was “completely untrue.”

However, numerous speculations and reports have hinted that Hannity is set up for a new conservative network to counter Fox, with lots of people believing that the network is moving too close to the left.

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