Soldier threatens to kill Mike Pence – Gets brutal karma justice in return

Nothing but problems came to a troublemaker who dared to threaten Vice President Mike Pence with an assassination. As a result, he was also serving as a soldier in the Army National Guard. Basically, he brought destruction upon himself, and it was unlike anything he could even imagine.

William Dunbar of Berlin, Pennsylvania, was posing as a hotshot who felt free enough to say anything and get away with it, but the years of serving the National Guard apparently taught him nothing, or at least that every action has an adequate reaction as a result.

During the weekend, Dunbar was at the Army National Guard Training Center and suddenly exclaimed, “If someone pays me enough money, I will kill the vice president.” Strangely, he wasn’t aware that a threat like that one could cost you more than a strange look or two. At the same time, VP Mike Pence was in town for the 16th-anniversary observance of the Flight 93 crash.

As the words escaped his mouth, Dunbar was overheard, of course, and his statement cost him plenty afterward. Shortly after, his superior learned of the occurrence, meaning Dunbar was about to learn the ugly truth about what happens to those who cannot think twice before talking nonsense.

He was arrested at once and was charged with disorderly conduct and paying terroristic threats.

Prior to his arrest, Dunbar was subjected to a psychological evaluation at the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center for a psychological evaluation. Dunbar’s results of the evaluation were not disclosed, and he is currently in jail on a $250,000 bond.

Coming from a liberal point of view, Dunbar’s words were quite normal and acceptable. It is the remaining citizens of America that can see through this form of aggression. It seems as the lefties have felt they’ve been given a privilege to do and say whatever without facing the consequences. But, under President Trump, no deed goes unpunished, and this man just met his match.

It is because of individuals such as Dunbar, that America has lost part of its sovereignty and values, and if this pace keeps up, we’ll be nothing but a nation threatening to eliminate political figures that don’t suit the Democrats. Hey, not that it hasn’t happened before, has it?

Moreover, we haven’t heard people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren commenting on entities like Dunbar. What’s worse, they might even silently encourage this behavior because, well, it suits them.

And don’t get me started on the media! There has never been one outlet (liberal one, that is) that would condemn behavior of this sort, just because they tend to act in that very fashion, if not even worse.

All the while, we hear the left stating Trump has all the blame for everything that is happening in the country, but we have never heard a Conservative threaten anyone with an assassination. The problem goes beyond this case alone, and it is high time we eradicate it.

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