The Tempe Republican Women Boycott The Oscars Tonight

There was a boycott by a group from women in Arizona State. They raised their voice in support of everyone who believes that America made a wise choice in November. Their boycott went viral.

The Tempe Republican Women did this  so they can prevent any attacks against The President, Donald Trump, because everyone knows what will happen on the big event. If you remember how Casey Affleck said that “The policies of this administration are abhorrent and will not last”. Affleck is an nominee of Oscar also.

These Women’s goal is after celebrities who are trying to gain popularity by trashing the President.

“From Madonna and Miley Cyrus parading on stage with little to no clothing while grabbing their crotches and allowing fans to do the same … to the deplorable speeches of Madonna and Ashley Judd talking about their periods in a vile manner and talking about blowing up the White House,” the post reads, “we must send these people a strong and distinct message that they do not speak for the women of this country and they are not the role models of our young daughters.”

“We are calling for a full boycott of the entertainment industry for this unwarranted and outrageous display of petulant behavior.

“Some in the entertainment industry are mocking us saying,  “Go ahead, we don’t need you trash racists”. We are insulted. It is THEY who support all the politicians pandering to racial racketeers and ethnic “identity” politics. Is is THEY who are obsessed with race, collective guilt, and the actions of some people long ago. Is is THEY who help to incite resentment and a new racism both ways. Let’s use their own words and tell them, it is time to “Move On”.

“These people do not deserve our hard-earned dollars. It is important that we send a strong and powerful message to this group telling them to stick to their make believe jobs and to leave the politics of this country to the productive people, just as our wise and forward thinking forefathers designed.

“It’s going to be the most political Oscars for a number of years. When people were talking about it a few months ago, they thought it would be a race issue,” assured one Hollywood insider to The Telegraph.

“Now agents are unleashing their stars to say what they will. They are telling their clients they are not going to lose anything.”

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