Trump’s Hollywood star is targeted with a golden toilet

President Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood was hit once again by vandals, and this time they were creative as much as they put up a toilet on it.

A golden toilet appeared right on Trump’s star at one moment between Saturday and Sunday, and it was full of something wet and disgusting. It also seems like somebody broke the toilet, which initially read “Take A Trump.”

According to the law enforcement sources, no one has yet reported this act of vandalism, and for now they won’t be examining who is behind this “brilliant” toilet prank. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has no comment on this prank.

This is the most recent time for someone to try to vandalize Trump’s star on Hollywood Boulevard, and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime in near future.

Someone even scrawled “F*** Trump” on his star just few weeks ago and, of course, James Otis took a pick ax to the thing in October.


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